Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo Challenge 78 ~ Something In My Kitchen!

Hi Peeps! Here is my picture for this week`s Photo Challenge 78 which can be found here.
Photo Challenge 78
I am having too much fun! Sabrina hosted this week and she is an AMAZING photographer!! Hoping to get a new camera soon...hope that makes it easier for me! Hope you enjoy!
Hi Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I need a plate like this for lunch Juci! Love it, I love the photo challenge, very challenging for me. But I will try and make some nice plate and take a picture, maybe french toast would do...Hugs, Peggy

  2. Hey Judi, you have some pretty wonderful photos already. Those winter ones you used on cards, I still remember them. But I hope your new camera encourages you. And the weekly challenges are great for getting you thinking outside the normal parameters.
    Not into mushrooms myself, but aside from that it's a lovely looking salad, and perfect for the hot sunny weather we're having.

  3. I saw the salad, and I saw the cat. I thought the cat was playing a Nintendo DS like I was!!!!


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