Monday, April 26, 2010

Bluebirds Visit 4/26

Hi Peeps! Had to share these photos with you! No, they may not be the best in quality but you can see them! I was caught unaware this morning going into the kitchen. The male bluebird first came to the window for a visit and then the female joined him! I just think they are so precious! We have two huge trees in our back yard and you can often see them sitting on our fence. They also often take up residence in a few bluebird houses we have up.
Just returned from the a routine doctors visit and since it is so late and I am so behind in some routine chores I may actually forego a card today.
The kids came this weekend and we had such a great time! The computer transition is done and this thing is smoking! Have to get used to a few differences in Windows 7....I was annoying as I walked around all weekend saying : "I am a PC. And Windows 7 was my idea" like they do in the commercial. LOL I can actually see this size monitor and not have to squint a bit!! :-)
Please remember the blog candy drawing will be held by midnight on April 30!! So tell your friends to join in the fun!!
May be back late tonight with tomorrows challenge card...we will see!!
Have a fabulous day everyone!!
Hi Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You don't need telling that I'd love these :D.
    Glad your PC upgrade went so smoothly. A big monitor is great - we got one a while back, and then an even bigger one. But we do have a good reason - with no TV, the PC is where we watch DVDs so we need a decent size. Enjoy your new screen and new speed.

  2. Judi, these photos are wonderful......I have never seen a real bluebird before. There really are bluebirds!!! Thanks for the treat, GF!! Glad your PC is doing so well!!

  3. Hi Judi!!!!! These pics are AMAZING!!!!! Love your bluebirds!!!! We don't have a lot of colorful birds here in Denver - we get excited when we see bluejays :) We had a goldfinch surprise us last week - we keep hoping he'll come back! Congratulations on your new computer!!!! Oh - and I LOVE the new wallpaper on your blog! Just perfect!!!!!! Hope you have a beautiful evening!

  4. Great photos of the blue birds. We only see blue jays here - they have the crest on their heads and they are so loud - they screech! I'm glad you gave us your whereabouts - I was worried when i didn't see you in the gallery today! Glad your PC upgrade went well!

  5. Oh Judi, I'd love to know what they had their eyes on to get so close. They're absolutely gorgeous. Of course I'm partial to bluebirds. It took 10 years for blues to find our nestbox and now I look forward to them every spring. We checked on Saturday and there were 4 eggs so far. Good luck with the new computer!!!


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