Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MJW RAK 4/28

Hi! This is a card I received in the mail over the weekend from mjw aka Michelle! Isn`t it tweet? Couldn`t resist! But it is! With that sweet matted bird and the sentiment banner this card is precious! Thank you gf! She also included 2 yummy recipes I had been hounding her for. :-) Please leave her some love!! And if you get a chance visit her at
Figments of My Imagination Blog

She has the best insight of anyone I know!!
Hi Sis!!!!!!


  1. Wonderful matting and I always love those petrol/teal blues. I once had a beautiful umbrella from Harrods in that colour with a lovely wooden handle - but when I was dog sitting for friends, their dog chewed it :-(.
    Happy Cooking!

  2. Thank you so much Judi!!!! You are sooooo sweet!!!!! I appreciate you and your friendship so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hmmm, I wonder how many exclamation points I could actually leave in a comment? :) Love you!!!!!


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