Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hi! Today`s Way to Use It challenge brought to us by Julia was to do collage. I always think of tags when it comes to this technique so did a trio. You could not only add them to a gift box, bag, or card but I find them to be great bookmarks! Or use it like Julia said she was....just using it as a room decoration. I buy ephemera lots to use for projects like these or for altering. So I cannot be very specific when it comes to listing ingredients and where I got them. Same thing with the stamps as I have bought rubber by the pound and have so many unmounteds that I don`t know their source. Collages can be lots of fun I think! Thanks Julia! Thanks for peeking and have a great day!
We are actually bracing for another round of winter weather. This may even be worse than the 10" of snow as there may be sleet and freezing rain mixed in. That is what creates true havoc with trees falling and power lines going down. It is no fun doing without power. I am the 1st to admit how dependent I am on it. My husband is stopping by the grocery store on his way home from work so I imagine there won`t be a gallon of milk or fresh bread to be had! LOL Those 2 items always go first. Very unusual weather for us. So much of the snow has melted and our yards are just mucky and YUCKY! It is so difficult taking the dogs out. Oh well. It is what it is and me complaining will not change things. So I will bear up and be jovial as my name implies. :-) Talk soon!!


  1. Love all your tags, Judi! Beautifully done!

  2. You're obviously very at home with the collage style, Judi!
    Sorry your weather is so woeful - I hope the power stays on for you.


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