Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi All! Sorry I don`t have a card for you today and my dog tale story was postponed due to a worry over Molly, our English Shepherd. For the past few days she had been squinting with her left eye. Her third eyelid was showing a bit in the corner and you don`t normally see that. No watering, pus, or bloodshot eyes however. I am particularly sensitive to eye issues as my mom and son had eye issues and Taffy, our lab has an auto immune disease which made her body attack her eyes like she didn`t need them! If we had not caught it when we did she would have gone blind. She will be on doxycycline and niacin for the rest of her life but it is controlling it. Well I had Danny take her to our vet`s last night. 100 dollars later we learned there was nothing wrong. But I couldn`t be happier! It was worth the peace of mind. I believe that when they stained her eyes to check for scratches whatever was bothering her washed out and her doctor said that was entirely possible. She is also bad to wash her face and bat at it with her paws like a cat! And her nails had grown a bit long. That is one chore I leave to the vet. I can manage doing Taffy`s but Molly is another story!oi she did come home with trimmed nails.
So today I woke up intending to do the Ways To Use It challenge to use orange on our cards. I even bought some new digi stamps from Prairie Fairy as she had the prettiest flower stamps. It was so beautiful here today I decided to make it a me day. I went in and had a pedicure and manicure. Then I had my hair cut in a new sassy style and colored the prettiest shade of red. I am fortunate as the girls who do my nails and hair are in buildings side by side and only about 5 miles from our home. And its like visiting with old friends! So I had a wonderful day...I hope you did!
And as I know my sister Linda now reads my blog just wanted to say I wish you lived here...I would have treated you to a spa day with me for your birthday! It was yesterday and I won`t say how much older she is than I. HA!!!! HA!!! (I will pay for this remark!)
Will return tomorrow...maybe I can combine challenges. Off to watch a bit more of the Olympics before I head to bed. Night all!! And remember... life has an expiration date so tell those you love that you do!


  1. Judi, I'm so glad to hear that Molly is okay! And what a wonderful, pampering day you had!!!! Yeah!!!! Wish I could have been there for the mani/pedi - sounds like a wonderful time! :) Hope you have a beautiful night!

  2. Nothing wrong with taking time out just to relax and enjoy being pampered. Glad that Molly turned out OK and that all she came back with was her own pedicure :D


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