Thursday, October 28, 2010

So what have I been UP TO???

So some of you may not have noticed me missing...others yes. To those wondering what I have been up to...the picture pretty much tells the tale while I recline and keep my feet up going INSANE!!!!!!!!!! Yes...I love to read, look at new doll catalogs, do word searches (and note this one is indeed in LARGE PRINT), and crochet dishcloths while Andrew Zimmern eats a snail or entrails from some exotic animal. I have made salads (in my head) with Giada, Julia Child, and Rachel Ray. I have also watched every Halloween movie there is and dreamt to those that haven`t been made yet!! LOL And I have talked on the phone with Peggy Elms, my little friend from Canada who truly has restored my sanity...we seem to do that for each other. We seem to know when a long conversation is in order and ramble on about this and that and laugh a WHOLE lot. My sister too has helped with this and called to check on me along with my husband who asks...Can I get you anything on the way home? (this man is unbelievable...girls you should be jealous on this count as a dearer or more thoughtful man is not to be had in this world or the next!) A son from Wilmington...whats up Mom? he says and always makes my day.We have another son...and no I have not heard from him but I guess when he is ready he will give us a call...we love them both just the same and all the same.  :-)
I am fortunate to have 2 sweet furbabies staring up at me with such unconditional love and concern it nearly breaks my heart. They care not that my hair is mussed this way and that (although that is a hairdo I really do wear!) or that my eyes are bloodshot and sagging from late nights and too many without sleeping.
But I am truly not complaining. There are always so many worse off than me that I won`t go there right now as depression is too easy a thing to sneak up on us. I have a wonderful life and feel very fortunate to be me.
Planning cards in a sketchbook and will have something for you soon! Even truly signing up for those painting classes which excites me!!
So until next time....hugs to all!! Judi
Hi Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Feel better soon - can not wait to see some of your creations you have been sketching out.

  2. Hi Judi, Well now I see some of what you've been reading. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you will be up and back at it soon. Miss you. Hugs

  3. take care, rest.....and then you'll be well and can go wild....hugs, joanne

  4. Oh noooo... I think you need a coffee date as soon as you are feeling better. Looks like you have lots to keep you busy.. If you need anything just let me know..get better.

  5. One more thing..hope you did not have any damage from these crazy storms...Geesh.

  6. Awww, how moving to read your post this morning again Judi. I did not get back to the computer last night and this morning, I just enjoyed the read better...mind is clearer in the morning, if that's ever possible with me. :)

    I do appreciate our talks also Judi, and I am sending positive vibes for your little footsies. hugsxopeggy elms


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