Monday, October 4, 2010

New Blog Award~ Thank you Emily Keaton and Peggy Elms! Updated to include recipients!

As I said I have just returned from vacation and have still not caught up with emails and blog posts. I did catch this lovely posting by Emily Keaton who is passing this lovely blog award to me!

 Thanks again GF!! Please stop by her blog My Little Slice of Bliss . You won`t be disappointed! I will be passing this on to some other deserving bloggers tomorrow. Hugs to you Emily!!
 Ok so the 7 people I am passing this award on to are:
1.Jojot aka Joanne who always inspires me with her delicious designs and piercing skills!
2.Lynne who is not only talented but has a heart of gold.
3.Gale who does beautiful work in different areas and is one of the sweetest people I know!
4.Charlene who does fabulous work and it is such a joy to visit her blog on a regular basis.
5.Emily who has a whimsical flair to her cards that always make me smile.
6.Wanda who does such gorgeous and unique cards...good place to go to get your mojo going!
7.Harriet who is the most giving person and beautiful blogger
I know!
Please pick up your awards ladies. Those who choose not bad feelings here! I know it is not everyones thing. :-)
I am honored to receive this lovely award from you both Emily and Peggy!

 I have also just discovered my dearest friend Peggy Elms has also passed this on to me!! YIPPEE! So please visit The Nutty Cardmaker .I know you will enjoy her blog as well.Thanks Peggy!!
Love you girls!! Sharing our blogs and discovering new ones is what this is all about. Will be sharing this one with others tomorrow as well. Nitey nite!!


  1. You are most certainly welcome, Judi!! You certainly have "one lovely blog," my friend. Have fun spreading the love when you pass on the award tomorrow :)

  2. Judi, thank you so much for this award - it means a lot to me!
    Welcome back - I was wondering what was up since I hadn't seen you in the gallery. Glad you are back!
    Hugs, Harriet

  3. Aren't you a sweetheart?! Thank you so much for thinking of me, Judi!!

  4. Judi, you just really made my day! I feel blessed to have someone of dirty girl status even think of me, much less give me an award - lol! You are too sweet! OMG...I read your vacation post below about all the rain...I'll bet you all have webs between your toes by now. :-) Hugs and thanks!

  5. Awwwwwwwww thank you for your lovely words and this kool award (my very first!). I love your blog and all your wonderful water colored cards. You inspire me regularly to push my stuff beyond comfortable!

  6. Aw, Judi...thanks so very much! What lovely words you've shared with all of us. Glad you're back in the challenges...miss your awesome style.

  7. Thank you sweet, Judi! You are such sweetie! I so admire your amazing work!




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