Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally home after 24.5 " of RAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Peeps! Did anyone miss me? This past week I was gone on vacation with dh, my sister, and her significant other. We rented our favorite oceanfront house in Oak Island. The weather started out good but come Wednesday and Thursday we had a total of 24.5" of rain!! Can you believe it? All kinds of records were broken and we could not even get off the island for flooded roads!! It was amazing watching the winds, rain and high surf. So we actually only had 2 days that were complete wash outs. We still had a terrific time. We got to visit with our son and his wife as well so that was nice. And this year both our dogs got to go with us and they were little ladies the entire trip and so loved the beach!! So one more day visiting with my sister before they head home with a 14 hour drive back to Massachusetts. Then I will be back in my craft room creating my heart out. YAY! I think its always good to take a break from hobbies even those we love so much! Gives us a new perspective. So I will return sometime on Tuesday in between doing loads of laundry and straightening out. I have truly missed each and every one of you!! And it is time for some Blog Candy this week to celebrate my number of posts, being a dirty girl, and bringing much needed rainfall to the coast!! LOL So please be on the lookout! I have some pretty cool things to give away!!
Have a great week and I will see you all soon!!
Hugs, Judi :-)


  1. Just catching up myself - slowly - after holidays, a manic week and a weekend away.
    First - big congratulations!!
    I'm glad you and your dogs had such a great holiday, in spite of the rain. I don't mind watching it - from inside in the warm and dry :D.

  2. That is a *boatload* of rain, Judi!! I'm so glad you survived and didn't get washed away in the process :) I'm also so glad that you had a wonderful time--extreme weather can be so exciting. Can't wait to see how your time away has stoked your mojo!!! Have fun :)

  3. Talk about your rain...gee, that's alot of water. I know there has been some of that in our area also, but the winds not so harsh! Glad you made it back safely Judi. Man, did I miss you! So the girls were good, Danny too. Glad yout got to spend time with your sister, always good to have fun and relax too.

    Talk to you soon. HugsxoPeggy

  4. Oh Judi I was thinking about you in that rain!! So glad it wasn't a total wash out!!! Good times can be had in the rain too!!! Welcome home!


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