Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Featured Stamper today is ButterflyEars! (Nichole) She has a lovely gallery but chose one of her florals with butterflies to case. I have always loved this sentiment and I thought it would fit her. I embossed the offset side and added rhinestones. The butterflies abd pillow embellies were from Mothermark (Cindy). Thanks again! Hard to see but the black strip is dot embossed and the corners I used a scallop corner punch. I hope she likes it!
I am behind on some of my mailings but they will get out some time this week. I believe the winner of the blog candy (Gloria) appears to be gone on vacation and I don`t believe she knows yet! Watch for more blog candy soon!
We got 10 " of snow! That is a big deal here! I took 3 pics. The first is Molly, the 2nd is Taffy, and the 3rd is a snowman the kids across the street made. Talk soon and have a great evening!!


  1. Beautiful card...Nicole will love it!! Wow, you did get a lot of snow! My BIL lives in Greensboro and he got about the same amount as you (not sure how far apart you would be). Stay warm!

  2. LOVE your card Judi!!! That color combo just pops right out of the computer! The greeting is also amazing - she will love it! Looks like you are enjoying the snow...or at least Taffy and Molly are :) I have been sitting in front of the computer all day trying to make a technique book - I typed and printed out 88 techniques! Now I just have to make a sample of each one...which should take me about a thousand years! :) Hope you have a beautiful night!!!!

  3. such a beautiful card and super pictures. thanks for sharing.

    hugs :)

  4. Wow! 10" in NC???? That's alotta snow! Great pics, Judi, and I love your pretty butterfly card.

  5. very nice card )) I love the butterfly images.
    You have a wonderful winter over there ))))

  6. Thanks for sharing those lovely snow photos. The dogs look as if they were enjoying it!
    Love all the bling down the embossed edge of that card - I was glad I'd clicked on it to see the bigger picture.


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