Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi Peeps! Just a quick post tonight to wish you all good luck! The blog candy contest will officially be over at midnight and a number randomly drawn and announced on my blog sometime tomorrow more than likely before noon! If for some reason it is not posted then it is due to lack of internet service which I am praying does not happen as that would mean our power was out. We are in the throws of a major snowstorm which really does cripple our area as we just don`t have the equipment necessary to clear all the roadways in a timely fashion. I will try to take some pics tomorrow or maybe later depending on when it stops...I believe it is forecast to snow all day tomorrow too. YIKES! So I also hope you understand the package will not actually go out until next week when we can safely get to the po.
Danny overdid yesterday (big surprise...NOT!) so stayed out of work today. Nothing major just feeling very sore and tired. And yes...we will be very careful taking the dogs out! :-)
I am off to bed but did see Steph has already posted a wonderful site for the inspiration challenge. I will try to get something done for that tomorrow.
Thanks to those who commented on my tribute card to my mom. She was an amazing woman!
Night and hugs!!!

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  1. Here did snow fall too overnight! I love snow,but have seen enough now and once I did fall but was more lucky then your husband.I will only let my dog out in de backyard.
    Roll on spring!!Enjoy your weekend and hope you won't lose internet connection!
    Greetings from Stempelientje


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