Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dirty Girl Project!! PHEW!! I AM TIRED!! LOL 7/28

Hi! This is a multiple challenge project. I had purchased something similar a long time ago from a girl on ebay. We had an accident and juice got spilled on it and totally ruined it! So I thought...what a great time to recreate this cute scrapbook and box to keep it in. I had the box here just waiting to be used...lost and found! So here is a list of the challenges it is for. There will be 2 more pictures of this project to show the inside. I will use pictures of our dgd and will give this to her as a gift when she is a bit older and I think will appreciate it more. :-) The dress is just cut out of cardboard and an accordian book is attached to each dress.Then I decorated the packaging.

Thanks for looking and have a fabulous evening!!
Hi Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Judi, this is precious. What a wonderful way to combine all those challenges and make such an awesome project. Sweet!

  2. Oh wow, Judi!! Definitely keep it till she will appreciate it, it's a real labour of love and should be kept and treasured!

  3. Ooohh... i love it! It´s sooo nice - great work Judi!
    Hugs Tini

  4. Okay, that's my Judi!!! Girl, you done me prouder than I already am of you! This is superb and all girly and all pretty and all feminine and all THAT and a half! Love, love, love it! Soooo cool. Are you done with the challenges yet!

    Hugs,you know I am so happy you are doing them!!!

  5. You've earned a rest but I do hope you don't take one...not for long, anyway. Came here via the One Fish, Two Fish entry on SCS, which I loved. I'm so enjoying perusing your blog and your many beautiful cards. This project is a real winner and will bring joy for years, maybe generations, to come.


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