Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi! YAY! Mutnik is our Queen for A Day! Anne Ryan our dear friend to all figured out Mutnik has never been featured stamper! How could that be? Cathy is a gem and a terrific artist! And she participates in the challenges and always leaves the nicest comments for everyone. So we decided we would honor her ourselves! And look! I brought Curtsy the cow and I think she is related somehow to Curtis. And she brought us tea and a grass cake!! Since I could never come close to the pure genius or talent of you Cathy I based my card loosely on your cow scenes. I hope you get a kick out of it as we do your cards! You are so well thought of by us all!! Enjoy your day!! And please note that Curtsy is wearing a single gem necklace. I believe it is her birthstone which would be garnet for January. Love ya gf!! Hugs!! And to those who do not know...Cathy came up with Curtis the cow coming to the teaparties we have for Teapot Tuesday Challenges. And she always adorns her cows with jewelry. So that might help make some sense out of this! Cathy has a wonderful sense of humor to boot. You need to check her gallery out on Splitcoast. She goes by Mutnik. :-)


  1. She certainly should have been an FS long before happy you are celebrating her unofficially, but I certainly hope it puts a bee in the bonnet so she can OFFICIALLY be honored as well

  2. How udderly sweet of you to recognize your friend with such an adorable card! She will certainly be moo-ved by the gesture! Sorry...couldn't help myself.


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