Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hi Peeps! No card from me today. I know! I can`t believe it either! I actually watched PBS (travel and create shows), read some ( I know I am a hopeless romantic and am rereading the Twilight series when I have so many books there is no table space in our home! lol), played with the dogs. But it is past time for Danny`s update. His cast was removed but was not much to celebrate about. He had pulled and tore every muscle in his wrist and elbow. They had not told us this at the hospital. So now his arm is about twice its size and very painful. He is supposed to wear a sling 24 hours a day but there are certain instances you just can`t! It scares me as it is not protected like it was in the cast. But hopefully it will be completely healed soon. Thanks to those who continued to ask about how he felt and even sent him cards! He was very appreciative and it did put a smile on his face!
So I think some blog candy is in order. Will round it up after some shopping this weekend. Sound good?
And maybe I can combine challenges tomorrow. We will see. Can`t wait to receive my order from ISC and start creating!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It felt strange not visiting my craft room. Hope I have some time this evening for some blurfing myself!
Hugs all!
Hi SIS!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry that it's being so slow for Danny, it certainly doesn't sound like fun. It's much harder to be careful with just a sling!
    I see you're still pretty cold - just about the same temperature as here right now! But we're forecast a nice sunny day - hope you get one too :D.

  2. Hi Judi!!!! I'm sorry to hear that Danny is dealing with pain and the sling :( I'm sending healing vibes his way! How funny you didn't do a card yesterday...I didn't either! We are sisters! :) I had made mine the night before and I got too excited about trying to sew :) Maybe I'll do a card today...or maybe the sewing addiction will take over...we'll see :) I'll be back later!


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