Friday, August 27, 2010

YAY! It`s Virtual Stamp Weekend!! Here is my first card!

So guess! I was the kick off hostess for tonights Virtual Stamp Night! I really had so much fun! Was a bit nervous as this was my first time but things went very well and we are having a good turn out! I am so glad so many new people have joined in the fun.
Ok...on to my card.So what may you ask is a honey of a summer have to do with foods? Well I spent many a weekend at my grandparents house. I was always fascinated with my grandfather and his beehives! The bees never stung him and he could be covered with them! Not only did we have fresh honey and comb but the bees were used to pollinate crops ( a practice you can see here in the fields of NC ) which we enjoyed all summer! Everything from all the berries to crunchy and juicy veggies. Some of the best days of my life!My challenge was Summertime Foods. Thanks for peeking!

My card says A honey of a Summer and inside says...I hope you had one!

Hi Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Glad your hostess slot worked out well for you, Judi. I love honey in my cooking - scones (biscuits to you), tagines, fruit cake. And the smell of honey when you've collected it from the hive and are getting it into the jars - mmmm. Wonderful summery looking card here.


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