Monday, January 17, 2011

Wishing Well Cake Pics!!

I just had to show pics in and out of the pan of the wishing well cake! In the pan shows the crusty goody that you would have not otherwise seen.
YUMMOOOOOOOOOO!! I`ll eat a piece for you!

Tomorrow I will make my oatmeal bread...I had planned on making it today but forgot to pick up bread flour which is necessary. This is another winner. It makes 2 loaves but you will need them cause this won`t last!!!

Oatmeal Bread
2 Cups Boiling Water                       1 teaspoon salt
1 Cup Oats (old fashioned)            1 Tablespoon Butter
3/4 Cup Molasses                            1 Yeast Cake
4 or 5 cups BREAD flour

Pour boiling water over oats. Add molasses (spray the measuring cup with oil and it will glide right out!), salt, and butter. Let cool. Dissolve yeast and 1 spoon of sugar in 1/2 cup lukewarm water. Let proof while 1st mixture cools to warm not hot. Add yeast. Add Flour...usually takes me the full 5 cups for the right consistency...which is doughlike but not so sticky you have trouble getting it out.
Spoon into 2 bread pans that have been greased and floured. Let rise until double. I cover mine and put in a warm location. Check in 1 hour...sometimes takes longer. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let cool some before cutting or it will fall apart. This is a dense,moist bread...delicious with butter from the oven!! Enjoy!!!


  1. I can almost smell this cake. Eat two pieces for me, would you? LOL

  2. Oh Yummmmmmmmmm, Judi. That cake looks scrumptuous and I can't wait to make it. Also I copied the recipe for the bread and will try that soon too! Thanks a bunch...always love new recipes :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Judi. I was doing a quick mental check to make sure I had sent a card ;-). Whew.
    That cake does looks scrumptious. I wonder what our equivalent to Crisco would be - that's more of a shortening than butter, isn't it?
    More power to you for making it, too. I must admit that if it comes to making my own cake or not having one I do without, so I've only had birthday cake twice since my mother died.

  4. Your cake looks DELICIOUS, Judi! And I like the sound of that oatmeal bread. Yum! :)


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