Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hi all! Well here finally is my card for today`s sketch challenge. Roxie always does such a wonderful job. I used to find this challenge one of the easiest to come up with a card but here lately it seems to be the opposite. Why? I have no idea. Once I did finally decide on what to do this came together quickly. But it was just one of those days today. I was clumsy and kept losing things. And when I drop things on the floor of my craft room our Molly is only too happy to retrieve and eat what I have dropped! LOL
Thanks to my new followers and all who have left such dear comments. I appreciate each and every one. And thanks for those who recommended books. Always on the lookout for something new to read and will be checking our local library to look for these. I may be back later tonight with some more chit chat! Hugs!!!


  1. Hi Judi! Molly is too cute :) How funny that she acts as a vacuum cleaner! I'm happy to say that Buddy usually won't scoop things up off the floor - although it was a riot the day he was walking around with a tiny cat toy in his mouth :) The cat was not pleased! :) I LOVE this card - the simplicity, the added glitter, the colors - gorgeous job!!!!!

  2. I love your comment about your dog. We have a 1 yr old golden retriever. I have had to put a baby gate on the craft room door as he will eat anything!


I appreciate each and every comment and read them all!