Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful Post ~ Carolina Blue Skies Again!

Hi All! Can you believe this is the same tree in yesterday`s post exactly one week later? Well it is! This tree lost its leaves just that quickly. This was taken today and our Carolina Blue Skies prevail once again. :-) No touch ups either! Notice the birds nest to the left? Many birds family in this tree. Such fun to watch!
So on to another thankful post again in no particular order!

A surprise John Stewart email (wink,wink), Fabriano paper, windy days, a great haircut, a clear starry night, the sound of our grandfather clock, 6 ounce cokes in bottles, seashells, hospice house, doctors who really care, people paying it forward, libraries, a noisy house, a quiet house, our vegetable garden, sheets on a clothesline, letting someone ahead of you in a long line at the grocery store and them thanking you with a smile, cotton candy, the memories of my childhood, the birth of a baby, hope, faith, and knowing I am enough.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I have my dh home for the next 8 days!! YAY!!
May even have a card for you tomorrow...stay tuned.
And do share what you are thankful for! My followers are too quiet!!
I feel a giveaway coming soon. Hugs! Judi


  1. Oooh, I love it when you talk gratitude! LOL I am grateful for having the ability to seek new friends like you, to be open and have fun, not taking myself too seriously in any event. Grateful for being loved and loving kind hearts. Grateful for sharing how I feel and listen to others and learn so much. Grateful for having the computer and using it to share my crafts and thoughts. For knowing people from Australia, India, USA, Europe and right here in Canada, New-Foundland to British Columbia!

    How you all add to my life. I am glad to know you are just a "click" away. Hugs to all of you sweeties and a precious hug to you Judi. xo

  2. I am so glad you is soo nice to meet you. You live in North Carolina...the Carolinas are God's country. My BFF lives in SC and I LOVE it there! I hope you have a wondeful Thanksgiving!!


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